A weapon flies,
Through darkened skies,
Their song was called,
And one by one rained, flowers all.

A cry for peace, justice,
In our hearts, now an abyss.
There they stand at heaven’s gate,
All 298.


I’m not too sure what value Art has in terms of reality but may it create awareness where we are. Each flower, always in our hearts.

Easy ways to break me



  • "Our time was short, but fun."
  • "All I ever wanted was for you to be happy."
  • "The happiest moments I ever had were with you. I’ll cherish those moments forever."
  • "You were the only person who was nice to me."
  • "I’ll never forget you/ Please don’t forget me."
  • "We’ll meet again someday."

Oh and I forgot “home is wherever you are”


one of the biggest benefits of being faceless is that it ensures continuity for this blog. no one will know when i die, a worthy successor of my choosing will just take over and continue posting, and the same will happen when they meet their demise. a truly eternal brand